Pillows for Pointes GEL TIP TOE PILLOWS™
Pillows For Pointes Inc.

Pillows for Pointes GEL TIP TOE PILLOWS™

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Lambs Curl Toe Pillows with exclusive Soft Seam™ – combined with the added feature of a thin gel tip. Three sizes. Aunt Fleecia likes this one.

The added protection of a thin, non – silicone gel polymer tip with the traditional Lambs Curl Toe Pillows polyester material. The Soft Seam eliminates the bulky side seam.

Color: Cream

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
Sizing Information: Small fits size 13 thru 13-1/2, Medium fits 1-3, Large fits 3-1/2 and over pointe shoes.

Packaging: 1 pair in a plastic zip lock bag with an insert card.