Bloch ES0170L B-Morph Moldable Pointe Shoes
Bloch ES0170L B-Morph Moldable Pointe Shoes

Bloch ES0170L B-Morph Moldable Pointe Shoes

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The B-Morph Pointe Shoe can be molded to perfectly fit each individual dancer's foot, with leading TMT™ technology that combines with an innovative shank to provide superior support and comfort.

  • TMT™ technology allows the shoe to be molded to perfection, enabling the shoe to be broken-in and molded to the foot sooner
  • The shank is crafted from a 21st century material that provides durable support and is virtually unbreakable
  • The platform is high and wide to encourage balanced weight distribution
  • Medium-length U-shaped vamp
  • The unique TMT™ paste becomes pliable when heat activated with a hair dryer, enabling the dancer to mold the shoes to the individual contours of the feet providing superior comfort
  • Heel cushion
  • Noise reduction under the pleats
  • Removable internal gel toe cushions
  • Cotton drawstring


  • Ribbons and elastic sold separately