Mirella MS140 Whisper Pointe Shoe
Mirella MS140 Whisper Pointe Shoe

Mirella MS140 Whisper Pointe Shoe

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The Whisper by Mirella
Style MS140
An innovative pointe shoe specially engineered to provide optimal comfort and support. Boasts a revolutionary soft suede outsole, paired with noise reducing technology to ensure the shoe stays quiet when it comes in contact with the floor.
  • Crafted from satin
  • Shank is supportive and flexible at the heel allowing the foot to arch in a well aligned manner, enabling the metatarsal area to be lengthened
  • The last shape closely follows the natural contours of the foot
  • Low profile of the shoe creates an enhanced aesthetic line to highlight the profile of the foot
  • Innovative make up of the internal box materials significantly increases the comfort factor, which minimises the requirement of extra bulky padding and toe protection
  • Removable toe cushions
  • Cushioned box
  • Cotton drawstringNotes
  • Ribbons and elastic sold separately